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Rooting Droid Pro (GB 2.3.4 and Sys Ver 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US)

Rooting Droid Pro (GB 2.3.4 and Sys Ver 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US)

NOTE: I assume no responsibility for bricking your phone! I took the same risk with mine in trying to root it and fortunately everything worked out for me! So, I am posting my experience. This does NOT mean I am liable for whatever you do to yourself / your phone! ;-)

Hello All,

I had been owning a Droid Pro for some time now and I like the phone for its keyboard and its ease to type! But, my experience of using the Droid Pro was very bad because of all the bloatware running on it... Skype, VZ Navigator, City ID to name few...  and I was getting sick of my phone's performance day by day..

It was so bad that my phone was not allowing me to even place calls the moment I click the call button and there were times that I will have to wait for 20 - 30 seconds to place a call.. and for all I can say, shouldn't a phone's primary functionality be allowing a user to place a call??

So, I had no options other than to root, because, from what I read about it on the net, it was my only option to get rid of the bloatware!

I had no idea how to root my Droid Pro. But, I started to learn!

I am sure there are many other Droid Pro users out there who are searching for links / articles to figure out how to root their phone... 

Since I was able to successfully root mine, I thought let me write up something and help others who were in my situation.. So, here it goes...

The Idiots Guide to Rooting Droid Pro, Droid Pro Rooting for Dummies, Droid Pro root tutorial (whatever you wanna call it!!) :-)  Hope this helps you guys!

Before I start, things to note:
  • I was on the fully updated version of Gingerbread for Droid Pro i.e., 2.3.4 with System Version 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US.
  • I tried using Z4Root on my Droid Pro 2.3.4, but that didn't work out.
  • I read through many forums and I learnt that the promising way to Root Droid Pro 2.3.4 is by downgrading it to Gingerbread 2.3.3 and using Pete's motorola tools or by using Super One Click. Hence I took this approach.
  • The above rooting method may not work for you if you are on a different version or if your Droid Pro is from Argentina etc. Mine is a Verizon US Droid Pro.
  • I have brought my Droid Pro from US and I am right now in India
    • I got the phone SIM unlocked before coming to India (got the unlock code from Verizon)
    • I am using this in GSM mode
    • Though this has got nothing to do with rooting process and rooting the Droid Pro does not lock the SIM - I am writing this here to clarify the International Droid Pro users like me that this process does NOT effect the SIM lock.
What will you need to root the Droid Pro?
  1. A Droid Pro with OS Version 2.3.4
    • a.k.a Gingerbread with System Version 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US.
  2. A PC with "Windows XP" (or) "Windows 7 32-bit"
  3. Motorola Droid Pro PC Drivers
    • USB Driver - Download here
  4. Android Device Bridge (ADB) on your PC.
  5. RSD Lite 5.6 - Download here
  6. Droid Pro System Boot File (SBF) - Version 4.6.8
    • File Name: Download from here
  7. Pete's Motorola Root Tools 1.06 - Download here
  8. Some courage and patience! if you are new to rooting and impatient like me! :-)
How to root the Droid Pro? (an outline)
  1. Downgrade the Droid Pro OS version from 2.3.4 to 2.3.3 by flashing SBF.
  2. Wipe Cache / Data by using Stock Recovery
  3. Root the application by using Pete's Motorola tools
  4. Backup the root using the OTA Rootkeeper
  5. Upgrade the phone to 2.3.4 OS version by using Motorola System Updates
  6. Restore the root by using the OTA Rootkeeper
  7. Freeze / remove the bloatware
How to root the Droid Pro? (in detail... for people / noobs / dummies / idiots like me who have no idea about rooting and have only basic knowledge of using a windows PC.)
  1. Install Motorola Drivers for Motorola Droid Pro
  2. Install Android Device Bridge (ADB) on the PC.
    • This step is critical.
    • Follow this super informative blog on how to install ADB and validate it with your device
    • Connect Droid Pro using the USB Cable and make sure the PC is recognizing your device and it installs all the necessary drivers
    • To cross check everything went right, make sure that the Droid Pro device is detected when using the Windows command prompt as indicated in the blog, while using the command "adb devices". If this is not recognized here, stop proceeding further and ensure that this is happening first.
  3. Connect the Droid Pro to the PC using the USB cable
    1. Switch the Phone to "PC Mode"
      1. Once the phone is connected to the PC, pull down the notification menu and touch the USB Connected menu item and select the "PC Mode" option
    2. Turn on the USB Debugging
      1. Go to Settings >> Applications >> Developement >> Enable USB Debugging
      2. I also enabled "Stay awake" just to check if the phone is prompting for anything during the process
    3. Using the windows command prompt, make sure the PC is recognizing the Droid Pro device by using the "adb devices" command
  4. On Droid Pro, back up apps / data that are deemed necessary before starting to root
    • I backed up my apps using "App Backup & Resore" - link
    • I backed up my SMS using "SMS Backup & Resore" - link
    • I backed up my call list using "Call Logs Backup & Restore" - link
  5. On Droid Pro, unmount SD card
    1. Go to Settings >> Storage >> Unmount SD Card
  6. Install RSD Lite 5.6
  7. Make sure the phone's battery is fully charged
  8. NOW - Ready to start the Rooting process
  9. Open RSD Lite 5.6 and click the "Show Devices" button.
    1. Give it a few seconds and RSD Lite should detect the phone and lsit with the model name "XT610"
      • If the phone is not detected and listed, ensure that -
        • The phone is properly connected via USB to the PC
        • The phone is listed in Windows Command Prompt using the command "adb devices"
        • Try killing the process "Motohelper.exe" from the Windows Task Manager. Per some forums on the internet, sometimes, this process also seems to interfere with the RSD Lite software recognizing the phone being connected to the PC
    2. Copy the downloaded System Boot File (SBF) to the C:\ drive.
      • Make sure that it is placed in the root of C Drive, NOT anywhere else.
      • There are links on the net where people have indicated possible failures during the SBF process if the SBF is not placed in the root.
    3. Once the phone is detected and listed as outlined in Step 7.1, select the 4.6.8 SBF file placed in the C:\ root drive to the "Filename" field by clicking the "..." button.
      1. At this point, you should be able to see the SBF properties (on right) and Device Information (on left)
    4. In RSD Lite Click "Start" to downgrade the Droid Pro's OS Version from 2.3.4 to 2.3.3
    5. Pray! 
      1. And wait till the whole process completes...
      2. Keep an eye on the Status of the phone next to the Device information in RSD Lite.
      3. Note that I had no errors during this process.
      4. After this process completes, you should be seeing the phone rebooting and coming up as if nothing had happened to your data. Thats because, your data is not touched while the flashing the phone's SBF.
  10. OK, if you are reading till now, I assume all is well with the SBF.
  11. Disconnect the phone from the PC and try using it and you will see a lot of "Force Close" pop ups from app
  12. To resolve this, you will need to wipe data / cache using the Stock Recovery mode
    1. To go to Recovery mode - 
      1. Switch off the phone
      2. Switch on to recovery mode by pressing the "R + M + Power" buttons all together at the same time.
      3. This should take you to a screen with an exclamatory (!) sign in the yellow triangle and the green Android Robot.
      4. Press the Volume Up & Down buttons at the same time to see the menu
    2. To wipe data/factory reset
      1. Use the Volume Down button to scroll down and select "wipe data/factory reset"
      2. Press Enter button to wipe data/factory reset
      3. Use the Volume Down button to scroll down and select "Yes"
    3. Once this is done, the phone should reboot normally.
  13. Bypass the activation screen on your phone - see link
  14. Make sure the phone's OS version now is 2.3.3 and the System Version is 4.6.8
  15. Switch on the USB Debugging on the phone
  16. Connect the phone to the computer in the "PC Mode"
    1. I had a problem of my phone not being detected here for some reason.
    2. I had to uninstall the Motorola Drivers and reinstall them to have the phone connected
    3. Validate that your phone is recognized by ADB in the windows command prompt by using the command "adb devices"
  17. Install and open the "Pete's Motorola Root Tools"
    1. Click the "Root" button to root the phone
    2. Follow the status updates on the screen
  18. If Pete's Motorola Root Tools screen acknowledges that your phone is successfully rooted, and if you can see the "Superuser" app with the Skull Icon (the android skull) - your phone is rooted and its time to save your root.
  19. Install the "OTA Rootkeeper" app (link) from the Andriod Market / Google Play Store. (you may need to sign in to your google account for this)
  20. Open the OTA Rootkeeper app
    1. Click "Protect root"
    2. Once the root is protected, Click "Temp. un-root"
  21. If you are a US Verizon subscriber
    1. This step is required to perform steps 22 & 23.
    2. You have to dial *228 to activate your phone now.
  22. On the Droid Pro, Go to Settings >> About Phone >> System Updates
  23. The phone will prompt for an Version upgrade to 2.3.4.
    1. Download the updates and install the same.
  24. If you are a US Verizon subscriber, you have to dial *228 to activate your phone now.
  25. Open the OTA Rootkeeper app
    1. Click "Restore root"
  26. At this point, you are free to sign in and restore all the data from the backups (apps / sms / calls).
  27. To uninstall / freeze the bloatware
    1. I bought Titanium Back Up Pro for managing the bloatware apps.
    2. Open Titanium Back Up Pro and provide super user permissions
    3. Go to Backup / Restore tab
      1. Select any bloatware app - for example, City ID / Skype / VZ Navigator
        1. If you want to freeze the app (freezing an app is not allowing it to run while your phone is on)
          1. Select the yellow triangle next to the app and press the "Freeze" button
          2. Before uninstalling the bloatware, it is recommended that you freeze the app for few days and make sure your phone is working well with out any issues.If all is well - then you may as well try uninstalling the app.
        2. If you want to uninstall the app
          1. You will first need to convert it to a user app.
          2. To convert to a user app, long press the app and in the menu that pops up, scroll down and select "Convert to a User App".
          3. You can uninstall the app from Titanium backup Pro or even by long pressing any normal android app.
        3. For the list of apps that can be frozen / uninstalled safely with out bricking the phone - see this link


  1. Jackpot Calvin: Thank you for the 1 Click root tools. If it wasn't for you I would still be cursing my Droid Pro. Profile here
  2. Rooting Terminology - link
  3. Motorola Drivers source link
  4. RSD Lite source link
  5. Droid Pro 2.3.4 SBF source link
  6. Rooting guide outline courtesy source link
  7. Motorola - Thank you for a good phone! (but you are not allowing people to realize its goodness by giving it with bloatware)

Finally Motorola - No thank you for putting up all the crapware and making me go through this hell of a process to remove it... You know what???

Before rooting, the phone used dry out in 6hrs after every charge and now, I am able to see that the phone is running for 12 - 15hrs till the battery completely dries out! I love the Droid Pro minus bloatware, this is all I wanted when I bought it... 

Thank you.


  1. its permanent root? or is missing when flash other rom (sorry for bad english)

    1. Hi,

      After following this method and rooting I did install CM7 for Droid Pro by VanillaLVL and I did not lose my root... So, I would say this is permanent root.

      Good luck,

  2. I have reliance CDMA activated on it will the phone work on reliance after rooting?

    1. Hello,

      I am using Droid Pro with AirTel GSM. After following the above mentioned procedure to root, the phone did NOT ask me to enter GSM unlock PIN for using with AirTel like it did when I used the phone for the first time in India.

      Unless you have done something special when you got Droid Pro to India and started using it, other than entering an unlock PIN for the first time of usage - I assume the above process should work and the phone should not lock GSM / CDMA with any carrier.

      Again, like I said, I am using it only with GSM. So,I would suggest taking a meaningful risk based on how you use it with Reliance / CDMA network.


    2. i just got a droid pro from a friend using with airtel. cant access internet can you help me

    3. I am pulling this from my email from Feb 2012, not sure if the settings are still the same. I am not on Airtel anymore. So, try your luck -

      After subscribing for GPRS and making sure it is enabled on your account, on your Android Handset -

      Go to Main Menu
      Select Settings
      Select Wireless and Network Settings
      Mobile Networks
      Select Data Roaming / Data Enabled / Packet Data
      Select Access Point Name
      Press Menu Key & Select New APN
      Select Name - Enter AirtelGPRS
      Select APN - Enter
      Leave Proxy & Port as Not Set
      Leave Username & Password as Not Set
      Press Menu Key & Press Save.

      Good luck

  3. Very nice guide! Thank you!!
    I just wanted to note the following error when I was using RSD Lite 5.6 to downgrade from 4.7.3 to 4.6.8

    Error!!!!! Failed to create
    Please check if the file path is too long to create of if there is enough free disk space

    To successfully downgrade, I had to unpack, change the filename of the upgrade file VRZ_XT610_4.6.8_user_signed_1FF.sbf to update.sbf, then repack it as a .zip. You can name it whatever you want, it just has to be somewhat shorter than the original file name if you're getting this error.

    1. I also wanted to mention that the "System updates" button was grayed out until I activated the phone. So if you skip the activation step like I did, simply dial *228 to activate so that you can perform a system update after you have protected your root.

    2. Added Step 21 in the detail section for this process. Thank you.

  4. Did this and it worked flawlessly. I did have to dial *228 for phone to activate but that was the only problem. Thank you sir.

    1. Added Step 24 in the detail section for this process. Thank you.

  5. Have you put Jellybean on a Droid Pro yet?

    1. I never tried putting JB on my DPro. Not sure how you did it either! I did put GB 2.3.7 though - using the ROM by VanillaLVL.

    2. what version of cm7 did you use and was your droid pro on 2.3.3 or 2.3.4 when you did it. i am on 2.3.4 and tried to install v8, but droid did not load kernal

    3. I am using CM7 by VanillaLVL...

      After I had rooted my DPro using the method in the above post, I was finally on a rooted DPro with GB 2.3.4

      Then I followed the steps

      4.Wipe data and system
      6.Flash if you are qwertz user.

      from the link - to have my DPro upgraded to GB 2.3.7

      Note that I did NOT try to flash the Kernel. I read somewhere that Kernel flashing is not required if you have a rooted DPro or something of that sort! So, I only did the steps 4-6 and it worked like charm! :-)

      I am using VanillaLVL CM7 V8 ROM ever since and I have no issues so far!

      Good Luck

    4. my dpro is qwerty, do i still need to flash qwertz

    5. Oh.. you need not do the step 6, if you are a querty user. I didn't do it either! Sorry for the confusion :)

    6. ok, I have tried installing CM7 and CM9 both for Droid Pro. I even tried a different version of CM7 ICS final and everytime I have tried nothing with install from sd card. it always say E Signature not recognized. Do you have any idea what i can do?

    7. not sure, i never faced it! sorry! try posting this on xda, general or dev topic!

    8. You have to get into clockworkmod. get into it using droid 2 bootstrap, then installing recovery, then booting into it.

  6. ok i tired to install jelly bean and it did not take, now root will not work. what do i need to do

    1. Dude, where did you get the Jelly Bean for the Droid Pro? Your device is in a brick. Post this on XDA.

  7. Thanks for the guide, Sarat!

    I tried it today with my Droid Pro 2.3.4, 4.7.3.XT610.Verizon.en.US

    Did all the steps you described, everything went well.

    However since I use the unlocked phone on a non-Verizon, I didn't have to register my phone.

    Also I initially had problems upgrading back to 2.3.4, I got some error like "system update needs a motorola service account", I waited until the "sync" arrows disappeared, had a few more errors about communication to server, but eventually the update ran.

    Back to 2.3.4 fully rooted! Thanks again!

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  9. Ehm, crap. I run Windows 7 64-bit. Where am I going to find a computer with a 32-bit operating system? :\

    1. I assume you're talking about RSD Lite. Chek this workaround:

      See if that helps.

      Sarat, excellent post, although this 64 bits OS thing made me sweat like a pig (bricked the phone twice while trying to flash it), it worked, something that the Linux procedure did not. Many thanks from Argentina :D

  10. I rooted the phone phone working very well,
    But after some minutes its trun off and restart and error appear again and again, below i paste the words which comes on my Motorola droir pro's screen,

    Battery Ok
    Like this,
    i reroot it by conecting pc, then its working again and after some time the error comes again ,
    Plz tell me the solution.
    I am very upset , plz help me

    1. Issues generally related to your bootup / unexpected warnings / Force close messages generally go away when you perform a factory reset / data wipe / cleaning up dalvik cache.

      Did you try to "wipe data / cache" ?
      Listed @ Step 12 in this blog. If not, please do so.

      Note that this step will obviously wipe all the data on your phone.

      Good Luck

  11. Thanx. One step is missing. Step 12 > 1 > 4 should start with "press @ ... & then Press the Volume Up "or" Down buttons (erased) to see the menu...

  12. thank you much for this guide, I've tried with others method, but this worked perfectly to me...and once again thank you!

  13. Hello! I have downgraded my droid pro to 2.3.3, rooted and saved it with OTA Rootkeeper, but now i cannot update to 2.3.4. When i tap on System updates it just blinks the screen and nothing happens.

    Do you know why this is happening? Actually i bypassed the activation screen, could this cause my issue?

    1. Did you make sure you are connected to the internet while you were trying to download ? If not, please do so by connecting to a wifi spot or by activating the device and connecting to network provider's 2G/3G.


    2. Yes, i was connected to internet 100%, but i already installed CM7 by vanillaLVL.

  14. Hello, Dear, i have big problem,
    I cant flash to my Motorola xt610,
    everything do good but at the end there is error
    Failed flashing. Phone{0000}Error switching phone to BP pass throug mode (0x70BE)

  15. Just a quick note to let you know I was able to root this exact phone with Framaroot, using the Gimli exploit. Sounds technical, I know, but it was exceedingly easy. It's a one click solution. Google for info, download via xda-developers. ... You have to allow your phone to install apps from outside the Google Play store (so you have to check a settings box to allow this). Like I said, google a little and you will figure it out.

  16. The 1x internet is not working

  17. hi, i'm looking for the file
    on the web site is no longer disponible. Do you have it to share?

    1. I do NOT have
      I only have the
      It is uploaded and available @

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Will this work if i have windows 8 on my pc?

    1. Hi.. I never tried it on 8. So, I have no idea. May be if some one who tried could respond...!!

    2. It's ok, i found out that i actually have windows 7 on one of my computers. Thanks for the tutorial btw.

  20. Hello. I followed the article and was able to root Droid Pro with no issue at all.
    But now when i try making call phone it dials the number and it restarts.
    Phone keeps on restarting when a call is made from it.
    I am using it in GSM mode for Reliance.
    Dont know what to do....
    Could anyone please help me ......

    1. Did you try to "wipe data / cache" ?
      Listed @ Step 12 in this blog. If not, please do so. That is the only thing that generally resolves boot / reboot issues.

    2. Hello,
      Thank for your reply. I have performed that step while following the above instruction. Just again performed Wipe data and still the same..
      Only while calling phone restarts otherwise phone remains ON and works fine for all the other usage.

    3. No idea buddy. Never faced this.

      Issues generally related to your bootup / unexpected warnings / Force close messages / unexpected restarts generally go away when you perform a factory reset / data wipe / cleaning up dalvik cache.

      Sorry that I couldn't help!!

  21. i would like to ask if i can just install the downgarde file with power R M Install from sd

    1. Afaik, I don't think that would work! :-)

      There was a time that I tried that and it did not work out that way and I had flash SBF file as explained in the blog above!!

      good luck!

  22. Ok so i found out (from another post on this blog) there is a MUCH simpler way to root the droid pro. Google "framaroot xda" and you will find the instructions on the xda forum. Use the gimli exploit...the process is extremely easy, all you have to do is install an app and make some clicks and DONE you are rooted. Took me 1 minute. (Make sure you read the forum post for instructions)

  23. NOTE For step 21 and 22:
    Thank You Very Much It worked!! for those that don't have service on their device and want to be able to make the software update you can activate it for free by pageplus and u get FREE $2.00 worth of service just go to and follow the instructions and then reboot the phone and continue to step 21.

    Thanks again!

  24. Very nice tutorial...!!!
    I am going to receive my XT610 of Verizon from US.
    will do the same.